Looking Back On Our 20s: By Jen Oliak

I’ve been thinking about my past lately. Thinking about the stages in my life that led me to where I am today.  I’ve gone through many changes, but yet I feel like at my core, I am still the same person I was when I was 13.

What do you think about your old self?  What would you have changed if you could?

My biggest thought about my 20s is wishing I had been single for more periods of time during that decade.  I had a handful of long term relationships through my 20s.  Although each boyfriend taught me things about relationships, I feel like I would have been better off spending more time working on myself and honing in on the things I wanted for my life.  The question of, “Will I find my true love and have a family one day?” was too predominant a thought in my mind in my 20s.  But I guess that’s easy to say since I have those things today.

I asked my friends, “If you could have done something differently in your 20s, what would it have been?”

Here are the answers – I would have…

Taken naked pictures of my then hot body! LM

Moved to New York! JS

Tell myself not to worry, everything will work out just fine.  EL

Not been so worried about what people thought of me. JO

Listened louder.  I had a very hard head. CK

Been more empathetic toward others.  I was far too judgemental.  LM

Slowed down and made more decisions based on intuition rather than fear. DP

Embraced serendipity rather than sought after logic.  Sometimes its just dumb luck! MS

Been more confident. LL

Started my own business. AM

Gone to law school. CP

Realized the little I had was enough to do anything I wanted.  I needed to believe in myself more. CJ

Gotten a Masters degree. NB

Listened to myself more and not others. TC

Learned about and taken advantage of student loan repayment programs. AM

Stopped trying to please everyone but myself. AM

Realized I didn’t know everything so stop and listen. SK

Not thought so much and would have taken more of the “just do it!” attitude. SK

Been better to my body and mind each day. SK

Bought Apple stock! LM

Worn more sunscreen to prevent my sun damage! JO

Focused on what made me happy and done that as often as possible. SK

Bought a motorcycle. SY

Taken more chances. KS

Pursued music more. AM

Eaten healthier. KS

Lived by the beach, walking distance to lots of fun stuff and activities.  KM

Changed everything or nothing. LS

What would YOU have done differently in your 20s?

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