15 minute easy succulent arrangement

Easy Succulent Arrangement in 15 Minutes: By Jen Oliak

I love when I find things I can create which are beautiful AND take very little time! Although I love fresh cut flowers and would like to have them in my house everyday, the maintenance and cost it takes outweigh my desire.  However, I believe certain spaces in the home where people frequently gather should have an inviting presence.

The kitchen island is this place for my home.  I created this easy succulent arrangement that I absolutely love in 15 minutes.

The following are steps to create your own 15 minute indoor succulent arrangement (excluding shopping for the items):

1. Go to Home Goods, TJ Max or Marshalls and find a tray or container you can visualize showcasing succulents.  I had my island in mind, so I wanted a flat container that could sit in the center. I found this gorgeous copper tray at Home Goods.


2.  Line the tray with plastic trays or tin foil – something that will contain water that spills into the tray.  It doesn’t need to be fancy.  Just make sure it is spaced to showcase your succulents the way you want them.


3.  Fill the gaps with paper or plastic to hold the trays in place.


4.  Since I was going for a flat look, I used succulents with 4 pockets like this, so I could lay the trays side by side with no gaps.  I got these from Lowes because I wanted to save time.  These cost about $3 for each 4 pod container.  If you have more time, I recommend getting a larger succulent pot from a wholesale nursery or at the flower mart and dissecting the plant into smaller containers yourself.


5.  You can make a pattern or mix higher succulents in the center, outlined with shorter ones.  I made mine a variety of flat succulents in no particular order, as my goal was just to form a green background to showcase my orchids.


6.  Fill exposed areas with green moss.  I bought my green moss from Amazon.  I mixed darker and lighter moss to make the arrangement more interesting.


7.  Pick up a Cymbidium orchid branch or plant at the grocery store. Sometimes Costco has them with two branches for $18.  I bought this one from Bristol Farms.

2016-06-17 19.24.52

8.  Pull the flowers off and insert each stem into a plastic floral water tube.

2016-06-17 19.27.59

9.  Place them in the tray and ta-da!  A beautiful and easy succulent arrangement to showcase in your home.  The succulents will last months, even years if you care for them properly.  The orchids will last a few weeks.

2016-06-17 19.53.08

10.  Make sure to replace the water in the orchids’ floral tubes every 2 days to extend the life of the flowers.  The succulents should be sprayed with a water bottle once a week.  I use a small one as pictured below and go through about 1/2 the bottle each time I spray my arrangement.


11.  I love that I can keep this arrangement indefinitely.  If a succulent isn’t doing well, I put it outside to soak up the sun and fresh air until it comes back to life. The trays I used only take a minute to swap out. Sometimes I put orchids in, and sometimes the tray sits with just the succulents.  It is beautiful either way.  I love how it brings the outdoors in, along with some bright color into our gray and white kitchen.

2016-06-17 19.45.04

Will you try your own arrangement now that you know how simple it can be?  Please share what you create!  I would love to see how you were inspired by this post to make your own easy succulent arrangement!  Cheers – now make yourself a Pear Martini and smile!

Stay tuned for my future post on how to create an outdoor wall succulent as show below! This one will take longer than 15 minutes but will be worth it!

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