Are You Ben’s Soul Mate? By Jen Oliak

Are you a good catch who is single or do you know a QUALITY woman who is looking for true love?  Could you be Ben’s soul mate? If so, I would love to hear from you.

Meet Ben.©ashtonwilson2011_test_shoot_track

ben benoit soulmate

ben benoit soulmate


ben benoit soulmate

ben benoit soulmate

ben benoit soulmate

I know the pictures are distracting, but stay focused.

Ben is a dear friend who has not found the right woman. Maybe it’s you?

In addition to his good looks, this guy is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

He travels all the time for work and does not hang out at bars. This makes it hard for him to meet nice women.

I have a feeling most women get intimidated by his gorgeousness and perceive him as unapproachable. I also think the ones who approach him are probably not his soulmate types.

I have taken it upon myself to Help Him Find the Right Girl.

ben benoit soulmate

I had to show the six pack.

ben benoit soulmate


ben benoit soulmate

I see Ben more like this – professional, bright and a gentleman.

Let me tell you a bit about him

  • He is 6’2″, 200lbs, 36 years old, never married, no children and college educated.
  • He grew up in a small fisherman’s village in Maine, lived in Florida during his early 20’s and now resides in Manhattan Beach, CA.
  • He is a successful model (as you can see) and talented photographer.

A few of his photography pieces

ben benoit photography

I bet you’d like to take a walk with Ben!

ben benoit photography

Whisper sweet nothings in the moonlight.. Haha i had to – the picture is perfect for this phrase.

ben benoit photography

Go star gazing

ben benoit photography

Or hike by rapids…

  • Ben enjoys running, yoga, spending time outdoors, taking overnight photography trips to capture cool landscapes, and hanging out at home.
  • He eats meat, likes to cook, watches movies and sports.
  • He’s great with kids; We hired him for my son Justin’s headshots and he was amazing. Justin totally looks up to him.
  • Most importantly, he is VERY KIND HEARTED and wants to find the love of his life, get married and have children.

Do you know anyone who would be good enough for my friend?

Let me tell you more about my friendship with Ben.

If you have been following my blog, you know I am a runner (click here for post if you want to start running or here if you run marathons).

Ben and I had the same running schedule a few years back and would always pass each other. Eventually, we became friends and when we would “run” into each other on the strand in Manhattan Beach, we would finish together and chit chat.

ben benoit soulmate

Don’t I have good form?

When people run together, there is a stream of consciousness that comes out where we end up talking about random things.

Ben and I would exchange stories about what was going on in our lives.  I talked about my husband and 2 boys. He talked about where he was traveling, what modeling jobs he was working on and his photography projects.

In the beginning, I thought- why is this guy so freakishly nice?  He has this small town personality that is truly authentic. He is extremely humble and when people meet him, they adore him.

When I decided to start my blog, I took one of Ben’s photography classes (click here for my post on how to use your camera on the manual setting). Ben is also my Blog photographer for the main pages like my About Me and Cover.

So you see, I now feel like a big sister to him. Knowing how special he is, I want to help him find true love.

Being with my husband for the last 14 years, we have built a life I cherish.  When we have someone we love to share all the wonders of life, our world becomes more meaningful.

happy marriage

My Love, my hubby. Step back, ladies. He is NOT on the market!

happy marriage

Aren’t we cute together? He is my soulmate.

Knowing what Ben has to offer, I would love to help him find what I have. He is ready. 

ben benoit photography

Could this be you making breakfast together?

ben benoit photography

Or perhaps taking a bike ride?

ben benoit photography

I bet you’d like his arm around YOU!

ben benoit photography

And how about a vacation together?

Jokes aside, I say all this to preface my requirements for Ben.  Sorry in advance to profile, as I know there are great women out there who are older, younger, have kids etc. but I am not a professional matchmaker and need to be efficient with my time.

Criteria for Ben’s Potential New Love. You…

  • Are smart
  • Can be any ethnicity
  • Are age 27-36
  • Currently have no children but want kids some day
  • Your friends and family would say you are thoughtful and supportive
  • Have your own career and are independent (you’re not looking for a sugar daddy!)
  • Are not a smoker (cigarettes or otherwise)
  • Do not do drugs (including prescription medicine addictions)
  • Don’t drink too much – You like to socialize but are not an every weekend partier
  • Exercise
  • Can be goofy
  • Are confident but not conceited
  • Enjoy the outdoors
  • Are down to earth
  • Feel comfortable going out to dinner in jeans and a t-shirt
  • Wear age appropriate clothing
  • Don’t take forever to get ready
  • Don’t always need a full face of makeup
  • Can have RBF
  • Enjoy making a nice meal at home
  • Put your phone away during meals
  • Aren’t a perpetual selfie taker
  • Are not selfish

And my husband thought I should include a list of “Don’t contact us ifs.” He found a funny link from Buzzfeed on Dating Dealbreakers which is strange in that it has WAY too many items on the list, but we agreed with some as follows:

Don’t contact us if..

  • You don’t shower at least once a day
  • You suffer from one or more mental illnesses but refuse to get treatment
  • Your Facebook profile pic is of you in a bikini
  • You take and display photos of yourself with lighting and angles that intend to deceive the viewer
  • You stand in entrances and exits to check for something in your bag/on your phone
  • You’re a bad tipper
  • You have more than 2 tattoos
  • You dye your hair platinum blonde
  • Talk full volume on your phone in congested public places
  • You crave attention from strangers
  • You walk three people wide on the sidewalk
  • You put your bag on the seat on the bus/streetcar/subway next to you so no one will sit there (I noticed this at the BlogHer16 conference continuously and it drove me crazy!)
  • You spend more than you make
  • You never take out your wallet when with a man
  • You have, or, would like to attend “Burning Man”
  • You stand in the middle of the Strand with your dog, talking to another dog owner and don’t move to the side for runners to get by! (Ok, this was mine)
  • You’re an angry biker who rides in packs with multi-logo’d biking uniforms and you yell at people who get in your way. (Ok, this is mine too)
  • 80% of your photos on Instagram or Facebook are selfies (mine)
  • You have a tongue piercing (mine)
ben benoit photography

Maybe you will play water guns with him one day?

ben benoit photography

Or give your dog a bath!

ben benoit photography

He really is like this with kids in real life.

ben benoit photography

You get the picture.

Are you Ben’s soulmate?  Or do you know someone who may be? I hope so! For my men readers, this is the kind of guy you can set up with your sister. Check out my recent blog post on his photography exhibit at Kit and Ace. 

Please send a picture, some things about you and a note as to why you think you are a good fit for Ben to

I know you’re out there, Ben’s Love!

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